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The Jewel

For many years Palatine residents drove into Deer Grove to collect wood for their stoves. In 1911 Palatine veterinarian Dr. John Wilson developed a portion of the grove along Quentin Road into a recreational complex called Deer Grove Park. This … Continue reading

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Indian Day

Indian Day, September, 1920, was the brainchild of the Indian Fellowship League and its sponsor, the Chicago Historical Society. Its purpose was to renew American Indian traditions and rituals and reacquaint America with Indian culture. Deer Grove was deemed an appropriate place … Continue reading

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Lost Film

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum said yesterday that the movie Rule Sixty – Three is a “lost film”. Much of the early efforts at motion picture-making have been lost because of the materials that were used. Nitrate film proved to … Continue reading

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“We’re Stars!”

Some Palatine residents were captured on film in 1915 by Essanay Studios of Chicago. They were used as extras in the two-reel drama Rule Sixty-Three. The film, shot at Lake Zurich, was shown at Seip’s Auditorium in Palatine and around … Continue reading

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Daredevil Aviators

Chicago’s northwest suburbs had its share of daredevils in the halcyon days of aviation. Eight-year-old Palatine boy Verton Collignon was the world’s youngest glider pilot, staying in the air 16 seconds. He flew from a field behind Johnson Street. That … Continue reading

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Donkey Baseball ?

Sometimes one wonders about the items we find in the newspaper. There are many references in the Daily Herald beginning in 1935 to something called ‘donkey baseball’. Apparently donkeys were trucked in to the games. A game might go like this: The … Continue reading

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Plum Grove in 1838

From Palatine drive south on Plum Grove Road sometime and turn right on Old Plum Grove Road. As you travel down the pretty winding lane take a look at the scenery on the left. What you are looking at is … Continue reading

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