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Illinois Prairie

When the state of Illinois began selling land in this area for $1.25 an acre, around 1835, the settlers came and saw prairie and a few small groves of trees. What is prairie? It is grassland. A good part of … Continue reading

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Mason Sutherland

Silas and Dolley Mason Sutherland came to Deer Grove in 1837 with some of their children. Mason Sutherland, their son, had one of the original grants of government land here. He eventually owned 300 acres of farm land at Hicks … Continue reading

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Joel Wood

Joel Wood was the son of Samuel Wood and Huldah Cole, born on December 10, 1810, in Smithfield, Pennsylvania. He married Hannah Rockwell of Canton, Pennsylvania, on August 10, 1834. The couple settled in Troy Township but were not satisfied … Continue reading

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113th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

In August of 1862, a meeting was held at the Palatine Methodist Church by Judge James Bradwell and Mason Sutherland. The state of Illinois was mustering troops to fight in the Civil War and the two men had gotten permission … Continue reading

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Louis Bergmann

Louis Bergmann was born in Alsace-Lorraine, Germany in 1842. His family came to Palatine Township and settled in the Algonquin and Roselle Roads area. At age 20 Louis enlisted in the 113th Illinois Volunteer Infantry at the Methodist Church in … Continue reading

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Mae Sefton

Mae Sefton was born on August 31, 1886, here in Palatine, the daughter of Andrew and Betsy Sefton. Her family was among the earliest settlers in the Palatine area. Her great-grandfather, John Slade, arrived here in 1838, with a set … Continue reading

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Patten House

The Chicago architectural firm of Julius Wegman & Son designed the house for Charles Patten, Palatine banker. A French architect did the actual designs that resulted in the chateau influence of its towers, cupola, and ornate grillwork. It has a … Continue reading

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Mourning in America

The Victorians had superstitious beliefs about the dead. When someone died in a home, the clocks were stopped at the time of death or you would have bad luck. Mirrors were covered so that you could not look in and … Continue reading

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Clayson House Wedding!

A wedding is going on at the Clayson House! The groom is seated as is the Victorian custom. The wedding dress is from the late 1890’s with a very wide cumberbund at the waist and 3/4 length sleeves. The bride’s … Continue reading

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Nancy Sutherland

Nancy Boynton was born in New Hampshire in 1820 and was educated to be a teacher there. In 1838 she came to Deer Grove with her parents to join her brother, David, who had already settled here. Her first teaching … Continue reading

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