Palatine Train Crash (New)


The worst Chicago & Northwestern freight train wreck in 50 years occurred Thursday, November 9, 1950. The aftermath above was captured on film by a local businessman. Twenty freight cars piled up in downtown Palatine. A total of 57 cars were smashed up or derailed. There were no casualties, but if a northbound passenger train had been on time, or if five gasoline tank cars had been full, the results would have been catastrophic. A steel beam from a gondola was driven into the ground about 18 feet. The National Guard and Red Cross rushed to the scene. Police had difficulty keeping curiosity-seekers out of harm’s way. A full description of the disaster is available on microfilm from the Palatine Enterprise issue of November 17, 1950. To see the video paste the following into YouTube’s address bar: f0dLNT5HSHo.