Bradwell School

Bradwell School was built in 1851. The year prior school had been held in a rude shack. Ezekiel Cady helped build the new school and it was named for Judge Thomas Bradwell. After many years of service a straw vote was held in 1921 and School District No. 17 decided to tear down the “old brick school” and replace it with a modern building. John Bergman of Palatine was hired for its construction. It was considered to be a model for the new generation of school houses. The wood and stucco building featured a large classroom with new seats, slate blackboard, modern ventilation, furnace heat and improved inside chemical toilets. Teachers included Miss Kelley, Mrs. Ackerman and Esther Lindholm. The district voted to consolidate with other small districts into Community Consoldidated School District 15 in 1946. The school continued to be used until it was sold at auction in 1954. It is believed that the school was converted to a home still standing at Ela Rd. and Bradwell Rd.

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