Daily Herald

The Daily Herald is the largest financially successful newspaper in the state of Illinois. Published by Paddock Publications at Arlington Heights, the various editions of the paper cover much of the northeast section of the state outside of Chicago. The entire history of suburban Chicago is recorded on the pages of this newspaper. Locked within that record is a description of nearly every newsworthy person, place or thing in our part of the world.

The record is indispensable to those searching for clues to the past. Unfortunately a number of fires are said to have destroyed the earliest editions, namely those from 1872 to 1900. From 1901 forward the Paddock family has taken great pains to preserve the paper for future generations. The entire corpus has been photographed and placed on microfilm. Copies of the microfilm can be viewed at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library (1901 to present) and the Palatine Public Library (1901 to 2012)

One can also view the Daily Herald by subscribing to newspaperarchive.com. This website contains nearly every word ever printed by the paper, and can be searched word for word. It is extremely useful for genealogists, historians and searchers of every stripe.

Another resource is the Daily Herald Index. Compiled by volunteer David Hammer and published by the Palatine Historical Society, the Daily Herald Index quickly guides the user to articles pertaining to the subject at hand. The two-volume printed edition covers the years from 1901 to 1960 and can be found at several area libraries. The online edition covers the years from 1901 to 1964. Keep in mind that Paddock Publications occasionally experiences technical difficulties with the online version and one may have to try several times throughout the day to connect to it.

David Hammer is working on the third and final thirteen-volume printed edition of the Daily Herald Index. It will cover the entire run of the paper from 1901 to 2019. He is currently collecting headlines from the year 2018.