Old Stuff

The Hillside Cemetery cannon does not have a clear history. It was probably made shortly after the Civil War and used by the Grand Army of the Republic for reunions or memorials. It originally was attached to metal axle between wooden wheels with a wooden bar to be harnessed to horses. For many years in the 19th century the cannon was in Railroad Park near the old downtown train station. It was given to the Women’s Relief Corps and moved to Hillside Cemetery next to the flag pole and unknown soldiers’ monument erected by the GAR. We do know that for some time the Haemker family would fire the cannon once every year at the start of the Decoration Day parade that went from Union Cemetery to Hillside Cemetery. After some time the wheels rotted and fell and a concrete base was made to hold the cannon. The cement was cracking and the paint was peeling on the cannon. This June the cannon was restored by Dennis R. Becker, a member of the Sons of the American Legion.







1924; Pic59