Palatine Public Library

First Public Library Building

Our first public library was in a small building attached to Matthei’s store on Bothwell Street near the corner of Railroad Ave.  It was started in 1923 by the Boy Scout Troop; the first librarian was Lottie Hart.

Library Interior





In 1946, it was determined the building was too crowded.  Lottie Hart retired in 1948 after 25 years.  The next library was at 55 W. Wood  In 1950 discussions began on expansion or building a new library.  In 1957 a referendum was passed for money to buy, add to & remodel the Ost house at the corner of Wood Street & Brockway.

In 1966 the Library Board announced to the Palatine Plan Commission that within the next five years they would be looking for a place to build a new and larger library.  They wanted the building downtown to be an imposing structure.  The referendum for this project failed.  In 1973, after 50 years of service, decided to try an alternate plan.  This time, with help from a land owner who was putting a bank and some retail stores on his property at Northwest Hwy. between Plum Grove and Benton and offered them the Benton portion of land, the referendum passed.  The building at 500 N. Benton opened in 1975.

Benton Street Library

Library at Wood & Brockway