At the Clayson House Museum:

Janet Degner is organizing the textile collection.

Nancy Cairns and Beverly Keagle are cataloging the Museum’s collections and entering the information into a computer. They are using PastPerfect software and have accessioned all of the books and objects and have made a beginning with the maps. David Hammer and volunteer Preslav Mantchev are typing a list of the archival material for this website.

At the Palatine Public Library:

Library volunteers under the guidance of Information Resources Manager Kris Kenney are scanning the Society’s massive photograph collection. This will help preserve the collection and make it accessible to the public.

At local cemeteries:

The Society is supporting a company from Indiana, Stonehugger Cemetery Restoration, Inc. which has been repairing and cleaning headstones at cemeteries owned by Palatine Township.

And …

David Hammer is working on the final edition of the Daily Herald Index. The Index currently covers the years 1901 – 1980. He plans to bring it up to the current date and have it published.

Connie Rawa is adding material to the Civil War and Cemeteries pages of this website.

Lola Mugalian and others have conducted Oral History interviews of senior citizens.

Thank you to all of our volunteers!

You are special!