Salem Cemetery

Thies 9-23-1897

Salem Cemetery.

The cemetery at Plum Grove and Kirchoff Roads began as an adjunct to the Salem Evangelical Church. The church was originally on the south side of Kirchoff Road at Plum Grove Road. Circuit riders from Des Plaines held services for the early Plum Grove settlers. The church was built on land donated around 1862 by Frederick Thies and the cemetery was on the north side of Kirchoff Road. All services were in German. In 1912, a lot was purchased on Plum Grove Rd. and Lincoln St. and the church building was moved into the village to better serve its aging congregation. The cemetery remained in the care of Salem Church. In 1955, the congregation disbanded and the building was sold to the Lutheran church. The cemetery went into the hands of the Illinois Conference of the Evangelical United Brethren Church. A shopping center was constructed around it in 1970. Palatine Township received custody of the cemetery in 1974 and now maintains it.

Patrick Cox competed his Eagle Scout project here in the Spring of 2012.  He put up an 80 ft. split rail fence along the parking lot side of the cemetery, repainted the sign, put in a sitting bench, ans planted a pair of bushes.  In July, Stonehuggers restored a couple of tombstones here and the cemetery looks very nice now.


Ernst Weseman May 27,1880 – April 11, 1910
Ida, his wife Aug. 18, 1875 – July 16, 1941
Helene Papajeski April 25, 1839 – Dec. 13, 1914
Heinrich Weseman Dec. 24, 1842 – Jan. 11, 1907
Maria, nee Twachtmann, wife of Henry Weseman Jan. 2,1848 – Apr. 10,1897
Johann Nordmeier Mar. 1, 1819 – June 19, 1901
Wm. Nordmeier 1854 – 1920
Sophia His Wife 1861 – 1932
Heinrich Thies June, 1806 – March 29,1893
Friedrich Thies Apr. 11, 1868 – Aug. 7,1895
Friedrich Thies May 10, 1834 – Oct. 30, 1896
Dorothea Thies, nee Gobbert, Feb. 27, 1831 – Jan. 26, 1890
Henry Thies 1865 – 1953
Mary, His Wife, 1867 – 1916
Herman J. Kornatz Sept. 3, 1878 – Sept. 13, 1918