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Nancy Sutherland

Nancy Boynton was born in New Hampshire in 1820 and was educated to be a teacher there. In 1838 she came to Deer Grove with her parents to join her brother, David, who had already settled here. Her first teaching … Continue reading

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Anson Baldwin

Anson Baldwin, born in New York in 1835 to Lydia Root and John Baldwin, traveled by covered wagon to Illinois with his family in 1844. They bought government land near Deer Grove and built a log cabin. Their farm was … Continue reading

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Take a Chance

With business in the doldrums in 1835, the three Lebanon, New Hampshire, brothers decided to strike out for the West. Their father gave them each a thousand dollars. Having heard that Indian lands east of the Mississippi River were opening up, the … Continue reading

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The Jewel

For many years Palatine residents drove into Deer Grove to collect wood for their stoves. In 1911 Palatine veterinarian Dr. John Wilson developed a portion of the grove along Quentin Road into a recreational complex called Deer Grove Park. This … Continue reading

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Indian Day

Indian Day, September, 1920, was the brainchild of the Indian Fellowship League and its sponsor, the Chicago Historical Society. Its purpose was to renew American Indian traditions and rituals and reacquaint America with Indian culture. Deer Grove was deemed an appropriate place … Continue reading

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