Civil War Reenactments

Reenactment Camp 1991

Union Troops 1991

Confederate Troops 1991



To celebrate Palatine’s Quasquicentennial in 1991 a reenactment of the Civil War was staged at Community Park. The ‘troops’ set up camp and stayed overnight in the park. In the morning Confederate soldiers and Union regulars lined up against each other and ‘fired away’.



History Crawls

MaryAnn Hildebrandt & Marlene Alwicka

Originally the Danielsen/Tharp Funeral Home

Zimmer Hardware

Albert Zimmer

The Music Room starring Louis Schoppe

Starck Hospital

Denise Limburg

Beth deAnda Speaking of Former Residents

Carol Brandt speaks of the house’s ghosts

This was once a block of stores.

Palatine Fireman Scott Ohlrich, Speaker

Firefighters Memorial on Brockway Street

Carolyn Mangold speaking at Uptown Cafe

An 1850’s hotel and later a variey of stores.

Joe Petykowski…

Good Night! Hope you enjoyed our History Crawl.

The Society’s first History Crawl, Friday, September 9, 2011 was a huge success! The tour encompassed eleven locations in downtown Palatine starting at Bothwell St. and Slade St. and ending at Lamplighter Inn. Docents described the history of each location, the business establishments that resided there and the events that took place.  The history crawls were events to raise money for plaques to put on the buildings that were stops on the crawl.  They mark the buildings or locations that mark historical sites in the downtown area.  The plaques are now completed and the History Crawls finished.