President Joe Petykowski

Connie Rawa - Historian

Connie Rawa Historian

Co-Webmaster David Hammer


The Palatine Historical Society website is maintained by Co-Webmasters David Hammer, Historian Connie Rawa and President Joe Petykowski.

Joe approached Dave at a Society program at the Palatine Public Library in October, 2010 and said that the Society needed to create a website. Dave said he would see what he could do. Dave spoke to Cornerstone National Bank & Trust CEO Tom McCarthy who recommended he talk to young entrepreneur Scott Lewis. Scott helped Dave set up the website in March and Dave and Connie began adding text and photos. The site has grown quite large and yet there is much material waiting to be added.

The Society owes a great debt to Tom McCarthy and Scott Lewis for taking the time and energy to help the Society achieve its goals.

Thank you Tom and Scott!