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victorian tea      Victorian Teas

      at Clayson House


Saturday's Tea

Saturday’s Tea

Ms. Mackelvie Serves Tea

Ms. Mackelvie Serves Tea

As usual, this year’s teas were sold out. Our guests enjoyed the food and the program about hand made things. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you again next year.


The Palatine Historical Society is proud to announce it is offering to deserving students this year two new scholarships.!


Ruben Cuellar
Ruben Cuellar


Grand Army of the Republic

The GAR was formed on April 6, 1866, in Decatur, Illinois. Membership was limited to honorarily discharged Union veterans of the Civil War. It had an elected commander-in-chief and numbered community level posts.
The organization founded soldiers’ homes, was active in relief work for its members, and army pension legislation, among other things. In 1868, Commander-in-Chief John Logan ordered May 30th to be set apart to honor fallen comrades. This was the beginning of the Memorial Day holiday. Communities with or without a GAR post began having parades, memorial services in churches, and placing flags/flowers on soldiers’ graves. The rubia plena, a red peony became the customary flower to plant on those graves as it generally blooms at the end of May. The GAR ended in 1956 when its last member died at the age of 109 years. The official successor to the GAR is the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. The GAR also erected monuments to its soldiers as well as buying plots in cemeteries to bury soldiers who had no one to bury them properly. Hillside Cemetery in Palatine has a small GAR plot. At a recent meeting, the Palatine Township Cemetery talked about the fact that people don’t know there is a GAR plot here and that something should be done. It was decided that the red peonies should be planted on it. How to properly mark the plot will be discussed at a future meeting. That brings me to the photo displayed here. Ruben Cuellar planted the six red peonies along the top of the GAR plot just a few days before the first frost. The peonies were paid for by the Palatine Historical Society.


Hoboes who came through town in 1920 looked up village marshall William Garms. Garms would allow them to sleep in the pokey on cold winter nights and send them on their way in the morning with something in their stomachs. Daily Herald.


The Chicago Tribune published 32 historic photographs of Palatine last month. Thank you Chicago Tribune!

Efforts are being made in Elgin to build a replica of Pres. Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train and run it from Washington D.C. to Springfield, IL in 2015. For more information go to the Historic Railroad Equipment Association website.

You’ll love this video on the Palatine, Lake Zurich & Wauconda Railroad’s Old Maud by the Dan and Jenny Trio! Thank you Dan and Jenny and…

Check out the second floor of the Palatine Public Library. Along the south wall is a display of photographs of country schoolhouses in Palatine Township.


The Society has purchased six gold-tinted zinc plaques which describe the history of the businesses and structures at each location!

Plaques are on display at six historic buildings in downtown Palatine including:

Monson Jewelers
Guidant Wealth Advisors
American Data Centre
Lamplighter Inn Tavern & Grille
Zimmer Hardware
Slade Street Shops


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