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Late Summer Greetings

Dave on Float 2014

That’s Dave Hammer, Marilyn Pedersen and friends on our July 5th float!


Terry Kelly, Joe Petykowski, & Bill Pohlman

Terry Kelly, Joe Petykowski, & Bill Pohlman

At the June Palatine Township Board meeting, Historical Society President  Joe     Petykowski presented a check for $1,000 to the president and vice president of the Palatine Township Cemetery Committee.  This money was from our annual Hillside Cemetery Walk as well as additional money from the Historical Society Board.  The money will be used for Hillside Cemetery restoration by Stonehuggers, owned by Helen Wildemuth, in August.  Watch for photos of that work in September.


Here is what our money helped to pay for. The weather was good and a lot of work was done at Hillside. The cemetery is getting close to the end of its restoration; it is becoming a place of beauty as well as serenity. Thank you Helen Wildemuth for the wonderful job your company, Stonehuggers, does.


Civil War soldier Lewis Keeler


You’ll love this video on the Palatine, Lake Zurich & Wauconda Railroad’s Old Maud by the Dan and Jenny Trio! Thank you Dan and Jenny and…


The Society is preparing seven new historic plaques for downtown buildings!

Watch for them this summer!


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