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This site is operated by the Palatine Historical Society Board.
Our purpose is to increase public knowledge of Palatine and Palatine Township.


Due to COVID Tier 3 Mitigation restrictions, the Clayson House Museum will be closed until further notice.  Please continue to visit us on Facebook and check our Website for updated information.
The Palatine Historical Society is proud to announce that Ken Gorham has received from the Palatine Park District a Volunteer of the Year Award! Congratulations Ken for all the efforts you have made for the Society!
Michael Clark, Ken Gorham, Terry Ruff

If you have any questions, please go to the contact page on our Website and we will respond to all inquiries as soon as we can.  In the meantime, we hope that you all are safe and healthy.

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Historic Building Plaques

Plaque at Schoppe’s Corner

Plaque at Schoppe’s Corner


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