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The Palatine Palaver

Volume 1, # 1 of the Palaver was first published in January, 1976. Mary Louise Regan was the first editor. The Palaver is filled with information on special events, volunteer projects at the museum, and interesting articles on Palatine’s history. Old issues can be searched here.

Who gets it?
Every member of the Society receives a copy. It is also sent to the library, government offices, historical societies, and high school history classes to keep them aware of what is happening here.

What does the word Palaver mean?
It has several meanings. It can be profuse talk or chatter; conference or discussion; or a long parley between traders, explorers or different cultural groups. It can also mean to flatter or persuade. The word originated from the Portuguese word ‘palavra’ meaning ‘word, speech, or talk’. It was first used in 1733. Palavering was sailor’s slang for negotiating with natives.

To us, it means that we can talk to you, and sometimes chatter about a few things, or persuade you to join us in an interesting or enjoyable event. So, please come and palaver with us!