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Homes of Palatine

The following information on historic homes of Palatine Township was compiled by Ray Mills and Florence Parkhurst and revised by Connie Rawa. The computerized line art was adapted by David Hammer from his photographs.

The residences are organized by street name. Please select a street from the directory to view the homes on that street.


Bergman, Henry, see 50 N. Benton
Bissell, Warren, see 23 N. Benton
Brockman, Edward and Helena, see 50 N. Benton
Butler, George C., see 58 N. Benton
classical architecture, see 157 N. Benton
Coleman, Ira, see 37 N. Benton
Danielsen, Frank, Funeral Home, see 5 N. Benton
Dodge, B. L., see 222 N. Benton
Fairview Dairy Farm, see 104 N. Benton
Flake, Louis and Lucy, see 58 N. Benton
French chateau, see 117 N. Benton
French, Elijah, see 103 N. Benton
French, Elizabeth, see 24 N. Benton
French, Libby, see 103 N. Benton
Freye, Theodore and Anne, see 5 N. Benton
Godknecht, Henry, see 137 N. Plum Grove
Holste, Fred and Minnie, see 23 N. Benton
Joiner, Flora, see 103 N. Benton
Keyes, Frank, see 202 N. Benton
Klopp, Charles, see 61 N. Benton, 103 N. Benton
LaLonde, Roy, see 103 N. Benton
Linnemann, John and Caroline, see 104 N. Benton
Mair, James, see 61 N. Benton
Methodist Church, see 24 N. Benton
Mosser, Albert, see 50 N. Benton
Mosser, Amanda, see 5 N. Benton
Mosser, Robert, see 5 N. Benton
Nichols, Charles and Harriet, see 116 N. Benton
Ninneman, Fred and Irene, see 50 N. Benton
Nordmeier, Anna, Silas and Sophie, see 202 N. Benton
Patten, Charles H., see 117 N. Benton
Patten, John, see 117 N. Benton
Rennack, Walter, see 23 N. Benton
Root, David, see 37 N. Benton
Sawyer house, see 37 N. Benton
Schoppe, Charles and Bertha, see 49 N. Benton
Shaddle, Charles and Mary, see 116 N. Benton
Slade, Joseph, see 104 N. Benton
Smith, Albert, see 5 N. Benton
Taylor, C. DeWitt, see 24 N. Benton
Tharp, Harry, see 5 N. Benton
Umbdenstock, John, see 104 N. Benton, 157 N. Benton
Umbdenstock, Hattie, see 157 N. Benton
Water, Benjamin, see 61 N. Benton
Wieneke, Carolyn, see 203 N. Benton
Wood, Joel, see 37 N. Benton
Young, James, see 61 N. Benton

House Teardown: 422 Charlotte St.

422 Charlotte St., Palatine
422 Charlotte St., Palatine

The house at 422 Charlotte St., Palatine, was torn down July 7, 2015. A new house has been built at the site. Neighbors say this one was built as a schoolhouse in 1893 at St. John United Church of Christ at Algonquin Rd. and Roselle Rd. Farmer and carpenter Henry W. Gieseke moved it in 1925 to Charlotte St. turned it into a residence for himself, his wife and daughter. He sold farm products such as chickens and tomatoes. His daughter sold the property when he died in 1986.