PHS Events

10-19-2022 Program: "Joe P. Hits the Streets" with Joe and Dan Petykowski

9-18-2022 Cemetery Walk

 6-12-2022 History Crawl

6-11-2022 Flag Day Ceremony

5-18-2022 Program: "A Visit with Mrs. Potts" with Ellie Carlson

12- 5-2021 Holiday Open House

11-19-2021 Holidays on the Town, 19 N Brockway St

10-20-2021 Program: "My Life in a One-Room Schoolhouse" with Jeff Kressman

9-26-2021 Hillside Cannon Rededication

9-19-2021 Cemetery Walk at Hillside Cemetery

6-27-2021 Garden Tour

6-28-2020 Garden Tour

12-21-2019 Holiday Open House

10- 6-2019 Clayson House 40th Anniversary Open House

9-18-2019 Program: "Restoration of the Clayson House" with Joe Petykowski

9-15-2019 Cemetery Walk

7-28-2019 Garden Party

5-15-2019 Program: "Clayson House, Then and Now" with Joe Petykowski

12- 2-2018 Holiday Open House

9-19-2018 Program: "Toys Through the Decades"

9-16-2018 Cemetery Walk

6-10-2018 First Clayson's Kids Days

4- 7-2018 Victorian Tea

12- 3-2017 Holiday Open House

9-20-2017 Program: "Palatine Loves Its Sports" with Joe Petykowski

6-11-2017 Good Ol' Summertime Festival

5-21-2017 Cemetery Walk

5-17-2017 Program: "Oh, the Humanity!: The Hindenburg Disaster" with Terrence Lynch

12-24-2016 Holiday Open House

10-22-2016 Palatine Sesquicentennial Gala

10-19-2016 Program: "A Walk Down Memory Lane" with Rochelle Pennington

9-21-2016 Program: "Baseball in the Movies" with Steven Frenzel

8-16-2016 Dedication of the GAR burial plot

7- 2-2016 July Fourth Parade

6- 5-2016 Good Ol' Summertime Festival

5-18-2016 Program: "Stars of the Silver Screen" with Roberta Randall

5-15-2016 Cemetery Walk

4-20-2016 Program: "Mudslinging, Muckraking and Apple Pie: Presidential Campaigns, the Great American Pastime" with the HFK Group

4- 9-2016 Victorian Tea

3-16-2016 Program: "Songs and Music of the Civil War" with Barb Sorensen

12- 6-2015 Holiday Open House: Traditions and Legends of Christmas

10-21-2015 Program: "A Lesson in Haiku" with Jeff Kressman

9-16-2015 Program: "Whose House Was That, Anyway?" with Alice Rosenberg

12- 6-2015 Holiday Open House

6-19-2015 History Crawl

5-20-2015 Program: "A Walk Through Palatine High Yearbooks" with Joe Petykowski

5-17-2015 Hillside Cemetery Walk

4-15-2015 Program: "Castles in the Air: Suburban Projects That Never Got Off the Ground" with David Hammer

4-11-2015 Victorian Tea

3-18-2015 Program: "Chicago: Candyland" with Leslie Goddard

4-15-2015 Program: "Castles in the Air" with David Hammer

12- 7-2014 Open House: "Christmas Through the Decades"

10-15-2014 Program: "1973 Ben Franklin Fire" with John Tobin

10-13-2014 Program: "Chicago Mob Murders" with Dr. Wayne Johnson

9-17-2014 Program: "Beyond Genealogy: Writing a Family History" with Jan Spaletto

5-21-2014 Program: "The Streets of Palatine" with Joe Petykowski

4-16-2014 Program: "The Mythical J. P. Moneybags"

4- 5-2014 Victorian Tea

3-19-2014 Program: "A Roadside History of Illinois" with Stan Banash

12- 8-2013 Christmas at Clayson

9-18-2013 Program: "A History of the Palatine Police Department" with Police Commander Mike Seebacher

10-17-2012 Program: "A Tale About the PLZ&W RR" with Joe and Dan Petykowski

9-19-2012 Program: "Cook County Expressways and Tollways" with Andy Plummer

9- 7-2012 History Crawl

6-30-2012 July Fourth Float Honoring Co. E. 113th Ill Volunteer Infrantry, Civil War

6- -2012 Garden Tour

12- 3-2011 Holiday Open House

10-19-2011 Program: "Stories and More Stories" with David Hammer

9-21-2011 Program: "Agatha Christie" with Betsey Means

9- 9-2011 History Crawl

8-27-2011 Booth at Palatine Street Fair

6-26-2011 Garden Walk

5-15-2011 Cemetery Walk

5-11-2011 Program: "Chicago Tunnel Story" with Bruce Moffat

3- 9-2011 Website created

12- 5-2010 Christmas Open House

9- -2010 Hillside Cemetery Restoration

4-18-2009 Historical Society Tea

3-18-2009 Program: "Chicago on Screen" with Sarah Marcus

6-29-2008 House and Garden Walk

5-21-2008 Program: "Yes Virginia, Sears DID Sell Barns" with Rebecca Hunter

5-18-2008 Cemetery Walk

4- -2008 Program: "Abraham Lincoln" with Brian Fox Ellis

4-18-2007 Program: "Notorious Outlaws in Illinois"

4-14-2007 Victorian Tea

12- 3-2006 Christmas Open House

9-10-2005 50th Year Celebration, Ice Cream Social

6-26-2005 Housewalk

5-18-2005 Program: "Scenes from the Past" with David Hammer

5-15-2005 Cemetery Walk

4-20-2005 Program: "Voices from the Past"

4- 9-2005 Tea Time

3-10-2005 Program: "Jane Addams: Worthy Choices" with Annette Baldwin

6-27-2004 House and Garden Tour

6- 6-2004 Program: "Scenes from our Past" with David Hammer

6-22-2003 House Walk

5-21-2003 Program: "The Civil War Comes to Illinois" with Ron Schinleber

5-18-2003 Cemetery Walk

9-18-2002 Program: "The Eastland Disaster"

7-15-2001 House and Garden Walk

5-20-2001 Cemetery Walk

7- 9-2000 House and Garden Walk

5-19-1999 Program: "Searching for Local History" with Craig Pfannkuche

5-16-1999 Cemetery Walk

4-10-1999 Victorian Tea

9-16-1998 Program: "Civil War Sword Collection" with Robert Ferro

3-18-1998 Program: "The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad"

9- -1997 First House and Garden Tour

5-15-1996 Program by "The Cemetery Lady", Helen Sclair

3-20-1996 Program: "Victorian Clothing" with Sandi Eileen

10-18-1995 Program: "The Oregon Trail" with the Schuldes

9-20-1995 Program: "Lighthouses"

4-30-1995 Antiquarian Book Fair

4-19-1995 Program: "Barns" with H. Wayne Price

3-15-1995 Program: "Those Were the Days Radio Players"

11-16-1994 Program: "Chicago Tunnels" with Bruce Moffat

8- -1994 Garage Sale

7- 2-1994 Civil War Living History Reenactment

5-18-1994 Program: "Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal" with Frank Regan

5-15-1994 Cemetery Walk

5- 9-1994 Program: "The Underground Railroad"

4-23-1994 Antiquarian Book Fair

4-20-1994 Program: "The Ten Commandments"

9- -1993 Antique Show at Community Center

5-23-1993 Cemetery Walk

3-17-1993 Program: "The Shakers"

12- 6-1992 Holiday Open House

9-19-1992 Antique Show

5-21-1992 Program: "The Good Old Days" with David Hammer

9-21-1991 Civil War Encampment at Community Park

4-17-1991 Program: "An Evening with Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln" with Max and Donna Daniels

4-14-1991 Antiquarian Book Fair

4-21-1990 Antiquarian Book Fair

4-18-1990 Program: "Civil War Undertaking"

3-21-1990 Program: "Brandy Bunch Quartette"

11-15-1989 Program: "Indians" with Robert Parker Coffin

4-30-1989 First Antiquarian Book Fair

4-19-1989 Program: "The Palatine Prairie"

7- 6-1988 Tuesday Toilers Quilting Bee

9-16-1987 Program: "Palatine, One Hundred Years of Incorporation" with Ward Smidl

4-29-1987 Program: "Trolleys"

9-20-1986 Antique Show and Sale at Sanborn School

9-21-1985 Antique Show and Sale at Sanborn School

9-19-1984 Program: "Century of Progress in Chicago in 1933" with Bob Wright

9-24-1983 Antique Sale at Sanborn School

9-15-1982 Program: "A Link to the Past: Early American Pressed Glass" with Leona M. Lee

7-14-1981 Carriage House Moved to Clayson House property

3-20-1981 Garage Sale to Save Carriage House

11-19-1980 Program: "Learning Jewish and Roman History Through Ancient Coins" with Rabbi Hillel Gamoran

11-17-1979 Book Sale

10- -1979 Cemetery Walk

10- -1979 Walking Tour of Old Buildings

10- 7-1979 Clayson House Museum opens

10-18-1978 Program: "Antique Clocks Around the World" with Eugene Lehman

10-14-1978 Book Sale

4-19-1978 Program: "Pictures from our Attic" with Florence Parkhurst and Ray Mills

2-16-1977 Program: "Pioneer Practices Concerning the Use of Herbs as Medicine, Food and Cosmetics" with Sharon Linder

4- 7-1976 Library purchases and Park District agrees to maintain property at 224 E. Palatine Rd.

11-19-1975 Program: "Palatine's Early Buildings" with Priscilla Oswald

11- -1968 Program: "Palatine of an Earlier Era" with Arthur Wildhagen

5- -1966 Program: "Who Was Who in Palatine in 1860 and 1880"

11-11-1962 Commemoration of 100th Anniversary of the Civil War

3-20-1962 Program: "History of Palatine Families"

11- 6-1961 Program: "Encyclopaedia Britannica"

3- 7-1960 Meeting: "Preserving Local Historical Data"

3- 3-1958 Program: "Old Farms In and Around Palatine" with Walter Rennack

11- 5-1956 Program: "Excavation of a Late Prehistoric Indian Village South of Chicago" with Elaine Bluhm

9-17-1956 Program: "Palatine's Past" with Frank Danielsen

3- -1956 Program: "Palatine Memories" with Allen Bennett and Mrs. A. R. Kleinhans

12- 8-1955 Organized