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PHS Events

2023 marks the 150th anniversary of the George H. Clayson House, home of Palatine Historical Society. An entire year of celebration is planned! Click here for event details or contact us at 847-991-6460 or

 9-17-2023 Cemetery Walk

7-25-2023 Historical Scavenger Hunt

 6-25-2023 House and Garden Walk

6-17-2023 CH150 Celebration at Clayson House, Good Old Summertime Party, Tree Dedication Ceremony, Flag Day Celebration

5-17-2023 Program: "History of the Palatine Fire Department" with David Hammer, John Tobin and Scott Ohlrich

10-19-2022 Program: "Joe P. Hits the Streets" with Joe and Dan Petykowski

9-18-2022 Cemetery Walk

 6-12-2022 History Crawl

6-11-2022 Flag Day Ceremony

5-18-2022 Program: "A Visit with Mrs. Potts" with Ellie Carlson

12- 5-2021 Holiday Open House

11-19-2021 Holidays on the Town, 19 N Brockway St

10-20-2021 Program: "My Life in a One-Room Schoolhouse" with Jeff Kressman

9-26-2021 Hillside Cannon Rededication

9-19-2021 Cemetery Walk at Hillside Cemetery

6-27-2021 Garden Tour

6-28-2020 Garden Tour

12-21-2019 Holiday Open House

10- 6-2019 Clayson House 40th Anniversary Open House

9-18-2019 Program: "Restoration of the Clayson House" with Joe Petykowski

9-15-2019 Cemetery Walk

7-28-2019 Garden Party

5-15-2019 Program: "Clayson House, Then and Now" with Joe Petykowski

12- 2-2018 Holiday Open House

9-19-2018 Program: "Toys Through the Decades"

9-16-2018 Cemetery Walk

6-10-2018 First Clayson's Kids Days

4- 7-2018 Victorian Tea

12- 3-2017 Holiday Open House

9-20-2017 Program: "Palatine Loves Its Sports" with Joe Petykowski

6-11-2017 Good Ol' Summertime Festival

5-21-2017 Cemetery Walk

5-17-2017 Program: "Oh, the Humanity!: The Hindenburg Disaster" with Terrence Lynch

12-24-2016 Holiday Open House

10-22-2016 Palatine Sesquicentennial Gala

10-19-2016 Program: "A Walk Down Memory Lane" with Rochelle Pennington

9-21-2016 Program: "Baseball in the Movies" with Steven Frenzel

8-16-2016 Dedication of the GAR burial plot

7- 2-2016 July Fourth Parade

6- 5-2016 Good Ol' Summertime Festival

5-18-2016 Program: "Stars of the Silver Screen" with Roberta Randall

5-15-2016 Cemetery Walk

4-20-2016 Program: "Mudslinging, Muckraking and Apple Pie: Presidential Campaigns, the Great American Pastime" with the HFK Group

4- 9-2016 Victorian Tea

3-16-2016 Program: "Songs and Music of the Civil War" with Barb Sorensen

12- 6-2015 Holiday Open House: Traditions and Legends of Christmas

10-21-2015 Program: "A Lesson in Haiku" with Jeff Kressman

9-16-2015 Program: "Whose House Was That, Anyway?" with Alice Rosenberg

12- 6-2015 Holiday Open House

6-19-2015 History Crawl

5-20-2015 Program: "A Walk Through Palatine High Yearbooks" with Joe Petykowski

5-17-2015 Hillside Cemetery Walk

4-15-2015 Program: "Castles in the Air: Suburban Projects That Never Got Off the Ground" with David Hammer

4-11-2015 Victorian Tea

3-18-2015 Program: "Chicago: Candyland" with Leslie Goddard

4-15-2015 Program: "Castles in the Air" with David Hammer

12- 7-2014 Open House: "Christmas Through the Decades"

10-15-2014 Program: "1973 Ben Franklin Fire" with John Tobin

10-13-2014 Program: "Chicago Mob Murders" with Dr. Wayne Johnson

9-17-2014 Program: "Beyond Genealogy: Writing a Family History" with Jan Spaletto

5-21-2014 Program: "The Streets of Palatine" with Joe Petykowski

4-16-2014 Program: "The Mythical J. P. Moneybags"

4- 5-2014 Victorian Tea

3-19-2014 Program: "A Roadside History of Illinois" with Stan Banash

12- 8-2013 Christmas at Clayson

9-18-2013 Program: "A History of the Palatine Police Department" with Police Commander Mike Seebacher

10-17-2012 Program: "A Tale About the PLZ&W RR" with Joe and Dan Petykowski

9-19-2012 Program: "Cook County Expressways and Tollways" with Andy Plummer

9- 7-2012 History Crawl

6-30-2012 July Fourth Float Honoring Co. E. 113th Ill Volunteer Infrantry, Civil War

6- -2012 Garden Tour

12- 3-2011 Holiday Open House

10-19-2011 Program: "Stories and More Stories" with David Hammer

9-21-2011 Program: "Agatha Christie" with Betsey Means

9- 9-2011 History Crawl

8-27-2011 Booth at Palatine Street Fair

6-26-2011 Garden Walk

5-15-2011 Cemetery Walk

5-11-2011 Program: "Chicago Tunnel Story" with Bruce Moffat

3- 9-2011 Website created

12- 5-2010 Christmas Open House

9- -2010 Hillside Cemetery Restoration

4-18-2009 Historical Society Tea

3-18-2009 Program: "Chicago on Screen" with Sarah Marcus

6-29-2008 House and Garden Walk

5-21-2008 Program: "Yes Virginia, Sears DID Sell Barns" with Rebecca Hunter

5-18-2008 Cemetery Walk

4- -2008 Program: "Abraham Lincoln" with Brian Fox Ellis

4-18-2007 Program: "Notorious Outlaws in Illinois"

4-14-2007 Victorian Tea

12- 3-2006 Christmas Open House

9-10-2005 50th Year Celebration, Ice Cream Social

6-26-2005 Housewalk

5-18-2005 Program: "Scenes from the Past" with David Hammer

5-15-2005 Cemetery Walk

4-20-2005 Program: "Voices from the Past"

4- 9-2005 Tea Time

3-10-2005 Program: "Jane Addams: Worthy Choices" with Annette Baldwin

6-27-2004 House and Garden Tour

6- 6-2004 Program: "Scenes from our Past" with David Hammer

6-22-2003 House Walk

5-21-2003 Program: "The Civil War Comes to Illinois" with Ron Schinleber

5-18-2003 Cemetery Walk

9-18-2002 Program: "The Eastland Disaster"

7-15-2001 House and Garden Walk

5-20-2001 Cemetery Walk

7- 9-2000 House and Garden Walk

5-19-1999 Program: "Searching for Local History" with Craig Pfannkuche

5-16-1999 Cemetery Walk

4-10-1999 Victorian Tea

9-16-1998 Program: "Civil War Sword Collection" with Robert Ferro

3-18-1998 Program: "The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad"

9- -1997 First House and Garden Tour

5-15-1996 Program by "The Cemetery Lady", Helen Sclair

3-20-1996 Program: "Victorian Clothing" with Sandi Eileen

10-18-1995 Program: "The Oregon Trail" with the Schuldes

9-20-1995 Program: "Lighthouses"

4-30-1995 Antiquarian Book Fair

4-19-1995 Program: "Barns" with H. Wayne Price

3-15-1995 Program: "Those Were the Days Radio Players"

11-16-1994 Program: "Chicago Tunnels" with Bruce Moffat

8- -1994 Garage Sale

7- 2-1994 Civil War Living History Reenactment

5-18-1994 Program: "Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal" with Frank Regan

5-15-1994 Cemetery Walk

5- 9-1994 Program: "The Underground Railroad"

4-23-1994 Antiquarian Book Fair

4-20-1994 Program: "The Ten Commandments"

9- -1993 Antique Show at Community Center

5-23-1993 Cemetery Walk

3-17-1993 Program: "The Shakers"

12- 6-1992 Holiday Open House

9-19-1992 Antique Show

5-21-1992 Program: "The Good Old Days" with David Hammer

9-21-1991 Civil War Encampment at Community Park

4-17-1991 Program: "An Evening with Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln" with Max and Donna Daniels

4-14-1991 Antiquarian Book Fair

4-21-1990 Antiquarian Book Fair

4-18-1990 Program: "Civil War Undertaking"

3-21-1990 Program: "Brandy Bunch Quartette"

11-15-1989 Program: "Indians" with Robert Parker Coffin

4-30-1989 First Antiquarian Book Fair

4-19-1989 Program: "The Palatine Prairie"

7- 6-1988 Tuesday Toilers Quilting Bee

9-16-1987 Program: "Palatine, One Hundred Years of Incorporation" with Ward Smidl

4-29-1987 Program: "Trolleys"

9-20-1986 Antique Show and Sale at Sanborn School

9-21-1985 Antique Show and Sale at Sanborn School

9-19-1984 Program: "Century of Progress in Chicago in 1933" with Bob Wright

9-24-1983 Antique Sale at Sanborn School

9-15-1982 Program: "A Link to the Past: Early American Pressed Glass" with Leona M. Lee

7-14-1981 Carriage House Moved to Clayson House property

3-20-1981 Garage Sale to Save Carriage House

11-19-1980 Program: "Learning Jewish and Roman History Through Ancient Coins" with Rabbi Hillel Gamoran

11-17-1979 Book Sale

10- -1979 Cemetery Walk

10- -1979 Walking Tour of Old Buildings

10- 7-1979 Clayson House Museum opens

10-18-1978 Program: "Antique Clocks Around the World" with Eugene Lehman

10-14-1978 Book Sale

4-19-1978 Program: "Pictures from our Attic" with Florence Parkhurst and Ray Mills

2-16-1977 Program: "Pioneer Practices Concerning the Use of Herbs as Medicine, Food and Cosmetics" with Sharon Linder

4- 7-1976 Library purchases and Park District agrees to maintain property at 224 E. Palatine Rd.

11-19-1975 Program: "Palatine's Early Buildings" with Priscilla Oswald

11- -1968 Program: "Palatine of an Earlier Era" with Arthur Wildhagen

5- -1966 Program: "Who Was Who in Palatine in 1860 and 1880"

11-11-1962 Commemoration of 100th Anniversary of the Civil War

3-20-1962 Program: "History of Palatine Families"

11- 6-1961 Program: "Encyclopaedia Britannica"

3- 7-1960 Meeting: "Preserving Local Historical Data"

3- 3-1958 Program: "Old Farms In and Around Palatine" with Walter Rennack

11- 5-1956 Program: "Excavation of a Late Prehistoric Indian Village South of Chicago" with Elaine Bluhm

9-17-1956 Program: "Palatine's Past" with Frank Danielsen

3- -1956 Program: "Palatine Memories" with Allen Bennett and Mrs. A. R. Kleinhans

12- 8-1955 Palatine Historical Society organized