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Robertson Street

18 W. Robertson St., Palatine

18 W. Robertson St.

This large square house was built in 1894 by its owner, Al Hanns with the help of Charles Meyer who lived around the corner on Plum Grove Rd. Al, a carpenter, died in 1923. His widow, Sophie, continued to live here along with her daughter, Vera, and her husband, Theodore Horcher. Sophie died in 1934.

24 W. Robertson Street, Palatine

24 W. Robertson St.

The Flentges were early owners. William Ost later owned it and sold it to Mrs. Meyer. At some point the William Vogts lived here and ran a cider mill in the barn, now torn down. In 1929, Benjamin and Cornelia McBride lived here.

31 W. Robertson Street, Palatine

31 W. Robertson St.

An old photo shows this as a red brick house without the one-story addition to the east and having a small front porch. It was built ca. 1894. By 1901, Peter and Elizabeth Knowe lived here. Knowe made many of the cement sidewalks in the old part of Palatine. The newspaper acclaimed the house for its beautiful landscaping in 1901. Peter died in 1934 and Elizabeth in 1956. Their son Charles and his wife Madeline moved in after Peter’s death.

42 W. Robertson Street, Palatine

42 W. Robertson St.

This home was built around 1894. It has a lovely Victorian projecting window. It is known as the Kiehl home. Mr. and Mrs. Devoe lived here in the early 1900’s.

43 W. Robertson Street, Palatine

43 W. Robertson St.

This house is known to have been here in 1894. For years it was called the Beckman house. William and Alma Beckman worked for the Bowman Dairy on Wood Street. Beckmans resided here for 50 years. Alma died in 1956 and William in 1958. Their son, Norman, lived here after their deaths.

104 W. Robertson Street, Palatine (NW corner Brockway St.)

104 W. Robertson St.

This house was also built around 1894. Herman and Dorothea Fisher lived here is the early 1900’s. They had a large dovery behind the house. Their daughter Minnie lived here in 1929. She married Fred Wildhagen.

143 W. Robertson Street, Palatine

143 W. Robertson St.

This home was once the barn of John Wesarg who lived in the house on the corner. The family of Kasimir and Catherine Zyc lived here many years.