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Right Foot Forward

“Ever since the advent of moving picture actors, machines, etc., in this vicinity, the business men of Palatine have been trying to figure out if the picking out of Palatine as the scene of a “back woods” comic sketch is a compliment for the town or a slam. Anyway the actors explained their visit here by the fact that Palatine was the nearest town to Chicago that is not paved and had certain requirements of the frontier town. The title of the two reel comic film is the “Right Foot Forward”. Of course, the hospital building or the brick block do not appear in the films. Young America had all kinds of fun over watching and helping out the stunts, especially when two of the bikes owned by the boys were destroyed by a “cray” auto. Some antiquated rigs were resurrected from the junk heaps and helped to make the scenery realistic. About a week was spent in Palatine and on a neighboring farm.” 9-3-1920 2:2

Courtesy Daily Herald