Recently Discovered Film!

Clarinda Cady is thought to be the first white child born in Palatine Township. She married Morton Pinney and is buried at Hillside Cemetery. This rare film is from her 90th birthday in 1928. Her daughter Addie is the only other person known in the footage. She can be seen walking Clarinda out of the house in Palatine. Clarinda’s niece’s or grand-niece’s husband shot the film presumably at their home which was located at 222 North Plum Grove Road. The family is descended from pioneer settlers Ezekiel and Adaline Cady who came to Deer Grove in 1837. Clarinda was their youngest child. To see the film please paste the following into YouTube’s address bar: ObaP7uJjYzs. The video was donated by Judith Schreiber, a Cady descendant.